Desert Rose

Desert Rose is found secluded on the southern slopes of Mount Nyiru, said to be the spiritual home of the Samburu god, Ngai. Being flat-topped, it supports an amazing network of springs and rivers which tumble down its steep sides. It is on the southern slopes of this mountain, tucked below the dense forest of Mowongosowon's ethereal peaks that you will find Kenya's newest and most intimate lodge.

Mount Nyiru's diversity offers a vast number of challenges to hikers of all abilities. There are a multitude of spectacular walks, either high in the cool, dense forest or down on the endless expanse of the African plain. Every walk is fascinating and individual. One may encounter traces of wild boar, hunting dog, greater kudu, baboon and, at night, serval cat, leopard or aardvark, however game in the area is shy and scattered. The indigenous flora is equally as interesting and the bird life is abundant, particularly in the fig trees.

You will be accompanied on walks by your hosts and by Samburu warriors who will enlighten you on their customs and culture. Camel safaris allow you to venture into the spectacular dry country and day drives in "Stan", a wooden bodies Land Cruiser, give the feeling of being on safari fifty years ago.

Emma and Yoav have designed five houses; each different and individually carved out of locally acquired rocks and timbers. All open-air en suite bathrooms that offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside and all have private flush loos.

The main dining room and library have been hand-crafted in locally quarried slate and finely finished cedar and olive woods. Both overlook and encompass the peace and stillness of their surroundings. Croquet makes the perfect evening sport while your baths are being filled and the swimming pool and natural rock slide thrill all ages at all times of day!

First class cuisine, using home grown fruits and vegetables, and warm hospitality make Desert Rose an ideal luxury stopover between Maralal and Turkana and it is the perfect romantic hideaway.

- Swimming pool and natural rock slide

- Short or long walks accompanied by your hosts and Samburu warriors
- Bird watching in the riverine forest - up to 150 species

- Camel safaris

- Day drives in "Stan" the wooden bodied Land Cruiser

- Outings to places of geological interest - moonstone mines, mica fields, garnet quarries - include delicious picnics and portable shade

- Bush dinners, picnics and sundowners

- Croquet

- Helicopter landing on doorstep - a squirrel helicopter from Loisaba is available for extra excursions into the North (Koobi Fora fossil site is well worth a visit)

- Closed from mid May to mid April

- 5 houses accommodate up to 12 people. Each open air bathroom ensures total privacy and simultaneous exposure to the gifts of nature - water, so scarce in much of Africa, is plentiful here. The main lounge/dining area is situated to take advantage of panoramic views of the landscape, and the pool is perched on the edge of the cliff below.


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