Kitich Camp

In the southern part of the Mathews mountain range, a remote and rarely visited area of Kenya that rises from the grey desert of the country's northern district, Kitich camp nestles in a verdant grove of fig trees, indigenous flowering shrubs and prehistoric cycad palms on a bank of the seasonal Ngeng River, surrounded by thickly wooded hillsides and craggy peaks. The magnificent cycad are frequently described as "living fossils", mainly because they appear to have passed through some twenty million years of history in relatively unchanged form.


The people of the southern Mathews are the pastoral Samburu and Soyei who used to gather in the upper valley of the Ngeng River for feasting, singing and dancing. They called it "Kitich", the place of happiness. Kitich tented camp is a lush oasis amid arid surroundings. The wild animals of the region have found refuge in the Ngeng Valley away from the competition of domestic animals. Elephant, lion, leopard, greater kudu, waterbuck, forest hog and buffalo are among the species to be found here together with over 100 species of birds.


Because of the absence of roads, except for the link with the airstrip, there are no game drives. Instead you can enjoy the opportunity to walk in the forest in the company of an expert guide and armed ranger. There are several walks, ranging from the very gentle to the vigorous; there is a forty minute walk to a natural swimming pool in the forest, or an easier twenty minute stroll to an isolated fishing hole full of catfish and barbel. Everywhere is lush forest full of flowers, insects and the biggest brightest butterflies imaginable!

·  Escorted game walks, stalking, bird watching and bush  picnics inclusive

·          ·  Natural swimming pool

·          ·  6 twin tents each with safari shower and loo

·  Closed April, May and November


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