1920 Cottars Camp

For those who wish to step back in time Cottar's 1920's Camp, in a 22,000-acre exclusive concession in the Masai Mara, is just perfect. The Cottars have been guiding safaris since 1919 and the tradition continues.

The camp is pitched in a place of astonishing beauty with fabulous views all around fading to misty-blue in the distance. Spacious cream canvas tents, with generous verandahs, contain four posters with white damask canopies, lovely linen and sheer mosquito nets.

The chest of drawers is an antique travelling trunk, hanging canvas shelves take folded clothes, kilims adorn the floor- everything is picturesque and in period. Only the bathroom, while in the style of the 1920's, offers more modern conveniences - a flush loo, shower and running water. However, the wrought iron stand for the basin with integral mirror and candlesticks looks entirely authentic.

Guests are also enchanted by the rest of the camp. A library tent contains an elegant day bed with a delicate muslin canopy that just invites you to curl up with one of the excellent selection of books displayed on the shelves there.

A large coffee table displays the imposing suede-covered visitors book and artefacts from the 1920's. The dining tent displays an intriguing tall octagonal box bound with metal straps that opens to reveal old-fashioned black umbrellas - obviously little used! Dining is also in true to the period.

The table is laid with silver cutlery and bright white napery. The glasses are crystal and the staff immaculately turned out in white tunic and fez, as they would have been in the colonial era. The cuisine is equally elegant and beautifully served.


Bordering the Serengeti and Loliondo reserves, the flagship camp in the Masai Mara offers the discerning client a guarantee of privacy and an abundance of wildlife. Calvin and Louise Cottar live at the camp and ensure that the service in all areas, from butlers, chefs and service team, is absolutely first-rate. Dedicated and skilful trackers and, of course, Calvin himself, will make the pursuit of game a fascinating and informative experience. Cottar's 1920's Camp allows the traveller to revisit the Africa of the past. You have returned to a golden era of romance, professional guiding, adventure and luxury.


·          Game drives in 4x4's

·          Personalised guiding and walking

·          Free-flowing alcohol, including champagne and port

·          Massage

·          Picnics

·          Fishing

·          Swimming


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