Babu's Camp

Babu’s camp Mkomazi is a new, intimate tented camp in Mkomazi Game Reserve in north eastern Tanzania. It is the first semi-permanent tented camp to be situated in this Reserve and the only facility that offers accommodation for tourists. Mkomazi is virtually untraveled, making Babu’s Camp the ideal destination for those discerning guests who prefer the experience of peace and solitude while enjoying Africa’s beauty.

From May 2006, Babu’s Camp will offer 5 spacious, well-designed and well-attended tents for accommodation. Each tent has its own bathroom, which with conservation of water in mind, has running water for flush toilets and hot showers daily.

Strict attention is paid to environmental issues to ensure that Babu’s impact on this wilderness is minimal. In addition to the classic driving safari, energetic and adventurous guests may hike or walk in the Reserve while night game viewing can also be arranged. Those who crave peace and quiet can simply relax in the comfortable camp and watch the wilderness come to them.

Our Safari tents measure 10 meters long and are comfortably furnished with wooden bed, wardrobe, changing area, safari chairs and a writing desk. Soft energy-efficient lighting is provided throughout the tents and camp.

The dining tent is large and offers ample seating inside and out on its verandahs, a full service bar, and the opportunity to meet other safari-goers and local personalities!

Special attention is paid to the aesthetic. The tent interiors reflect that of the land around them – soft earth tones, natural fabrics, stone wood, and grass all used to create a peaceful and harmonious existence with nature.

Mkomazi Game Reserve lies approximately two and a half hours southeast of Arusha by road or 40 minutes by air from Kilimanjaro. The Reserve covers an area of 3,700 sq km, sharing a border with Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

There is a wide variety of Flora and Fauna with 78 species of mammals including elephant, kudu, hartebeest, giraffe and aardwolf. Endangered African wild dog and black rhino have been introduced to Mkomazi with the aid the George Adamson/Tony Fitzjohn African Wildlife Preservation Trust. Visitors can see both species and learn more about ongoing conservation and breeding programs.

There are approximately 450 recorded species of birds in Mkomazi, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. The reserve represents species and ecosystems not commonly found in East Africa making it a unique alternative or addition to the Northern Circuit


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Babu's Camp

Babu's camp Mkomazi is a new, int-
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