Crater Lodge Tented Lodge

The lodge is located in northern Tanzania, East Africa, set a ten kilometre scenic drive away from the main road leadin from the bustling commercial centre of Karatu town to the famous Ngorongoro Crater.

Established on a highland coffee plantation called Kirin Coffee Estate, altitude 1,800 metres above sea-level, the lodge occupies previously cultivated fields directly bordering Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (NCAA).

The land immidiately surrounding the lodge is being restored to some of its natural forest habitat, with the lodge management overseeing the conversion from crop cultivation to regeneration of indigenous groundcover, helping the change along by reintroducing around the lodge trees and shrubs natural to the area.

The lodge is operated as an eco-friendly small scale lodge with 15 tented rooms, all on platforms with magnificent views over the Ngorongoro Forest.

The rooms are spacious and all have ensuite bathrooms with hot showers and toilets. For those chilly upland nights enjoy the warmth of your own African-style firepot.

Wake up to the sounds of the awakening forest as a night full of nocturnal wildlife activities gives away to mistily rising sunlight.

Complementary coffee and tea are served on your veranda in the morning. Enjoy the refreshing beverage in the early morning light as you prepare for another day full of your activities of choice.

Our chef and kitchen staff will be on hand to provide for you an experience of our international cuisine

Activities -

Other than watching animals, the lodge provides a number of alternative things to do.

Mountain Bikes: The area is excellent for mountain biking, and the lodge has developed exciting trails to explore.

Cultural Tours: Our Maasai guides are more than happy to show you around the area, to tell you about their culture and to share their knowledge of local wildlife and vegetation with you.

Coffee Estate Tour: As the lodge is on part of a coffee farm, the management can arrange a guided coffee tour as an interesting change after all the wildlife viewing. See how coffee is grown, harvested and processed at the coffee factory on the estate and have a sip of the freshly produced arabica coffee.

Forest Walks: Accompanied by an NCAA ranger for safety, one can walk straight from the lodge into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area forest. Experience the thrill of possibly coming across an elephant or a buffalo in their natural surroundings on one of the many animal trails found in the forest.


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