Exclusive Mobile Camp

Exclusive Mobile Camp - Serengeti has been operating since 2005 - and has set a new benchmark in mobile bush luxury. Its semi - permanent format allows for extra touches of luxury and comfort, whilst still retaining the true safari feeling of being 'under canvas'. This is certainly one safari experience that you will never forget!

The camp has eight tents spaciously located to allow privacy but taking safety into consideration - one always has to remember that however comfortable and homely the camp, this is still wild, wild Africa . The mess or main area of the camp is tastefully decorated and in the evenings a delight of oil lamps and candlelight.

Even though you are deep in the African bush the camp is still connected by both long and short range radio which enables the camp to communicate with any major centre in East Africa, as well as the local area and between game driving vehicles and the camp. There is also a satellite phone in the camp for administration and emergency use.

From the first sight of one of the EMC tents you are immediately aware that this is a 'different' style of camping. The shaded verandah with traditional safari chairs welcomes you to enter your spacious sleeping area. Furnished with 'proper' beds - either double or twin bedded - with bedside tables, a dressing table, space for luggage and hanging space - this twenty square metre canvas 'home' is a far cry from crawling into a bivouac tent.

The bathrooms (or shower rooms) are equally spacious with all facilities, even a flush toilet.

Constructed out of light sand coloured canvas and covered by a shade producing fly sheet the tents are designed to blend into the environment and to cause as little disturbance as possible to the natural fauna and flora.


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