Fairway Hotel

Serving the community since 1969, the Fairway Hotel is a fine example of Kampala's vibrant renewal. Established by the Bandali Jaffer family as part of the community response to the first Papal visit to Africa by Pope John Paul I in 1969, the present building was opened in 1973. With recent renovations of 3 million US $, the Fairway now offers a wide range of services catering to local people as well as to visitors and their families from all over the world.

Fairways location on Nakasero, one of Kampala's seven hills, enjoys views of the Uganda Golf Club across the road, the lush Kitante Valley and the exclusive residence on Kololo Hill. Set in gardens among palms planted by Mr. Jaffer's over 30 years ago, the hotel is a 10 min. walk from town or a 2-3 min. car ride

The management team, led by Managing Director Mr. Aneez Jaffer, son of the founding owner, comprises a highly trained group of professionals with local and international roots. Supported by a courteous skilled and dedicated staff, (some of whom have been with the Hotel for many years), the Fairway retains an atmosphere of cosmopolitan comfort.

Activities and Services offered make Fairway a preferred meeting place for local and international clients. The Management has increased business related services by adding meeting rooms to existing Business/Secretarial support, travel agency and taxi/car hire. Response has been positive in the new Garden Café which offers drinks & snacks; Nyama Choma & Tandoori Dharbar for local and East Indian barbecued meats; Poolside Terrace - luncheon buffets on Wednesdays and Sundays. The Tree Top Restaurant continues to cater to special occasions as well as offering full menu daily services. Renovations to the lobby include display of Ugandan Artifacts. A popular addition to weekly activities at the hotel is the Friday performance venue which showcases various local bands & performers invited by management. A growing audience is attracted to sit and listen under the stars.

Short term plans include completion of sauna, massage room and exercise facilities. At present 90 guest rooms are refurbished. Long term plans include addition of another floor containing conference room and guest rooms. Meanwhile the management and staff remain committed to offering their traditionally warm African hospitality in a quiet and comfortable surrounding. The Fairway Hotel aims to be your best value in Kampala


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