Leopard Rock Lodge

Leopard Rock Lodge is a fully refurbished upmarket Safari Lodge built on a 3.5Km river frontage, in the last remaining park devoted to wilderness Meru National park, along the Equator 310km from Nairobi, North East of Mt Kenya, 5 hour journey from Nairobi by road and 1 hour by air. It is an ecological Lodge, which respects the environment with the intention to maintain the authenticity of this wild area, which stretches to Somalia, Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean.

George and Joy Adamson set their camp at the Leopard Rock Lodge which Joy described as an ideal Leopard country when they got the famous baby lioness - see movies born free, free for ever, living free.

Meru National Park has a wide variety of Landscapes and Habitat around the Equator. Forest, swamp and Savannah are pierced by 15 perennial rivers, rising from the volcanic Nyambene Hills reaching Tana river in the Southern boundary. The park is a low altitude area ranging 110m to 1100m above sea level. Meru National park has a lot of wildlife, Elephants, Black and white Rhinos, reticulated Giraffes, Buffalos, Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, common and Grevy's Zebra's, waterbucks, Grant Gazelles, Lesser Kudu, Bush buck, Elans, Warthogs baboons, Monkeys, several dikdiks, Oryx, Gerenuks, Hartebeests, Somali Ostriches, Hippo, Crocodiles, Snakes as well as 300 other species of colourful birds.

Glamorous open dinning restaurant, high class, formal dress recommended for dinner. 3 Meals, more tea at 4 o'clock with pastries. Dinner 6 courses. Enjoy the luxurious right in the middle of an African wilderness with its doum palms, wild fig trees, and euphorbias at the doors of the deserts.

- 15 romantic cottages overlooking a tropical river and Bisanadi reserve with very high roof which ensurers natural ventilation, private terraces which have attractive view on - river and the bush.
- 10 luxurious suites with 2 bathrooms including honeymoon cottages.
- 5 family cottages very comfortable with 2 bathrooms
- Swimming pool on the ground of the bush river
- 1 intimate lounge, 2 cover bar lounges, 1 open lounge
- Oasis Swimming pool: Try our Oasis Swimming Pool with the amazing fully stocked island bar located at the centre of the pool where you can be served with drinks like champagne, cocktails as you watch crocodiles basking at the river banks. The giant reptiles can also be viewed through a glass partition beneath the swimming pool as you swim.
- The use of Videotheque and Library are also available.
- Traditional Pottery.

Activities available:
- Museum Tour: Visit our museum and see the amazing cultural and artists' works from the indigenous warriors - spears, cups for drinking blood, guard for drinking milk and animal trophies (Lion skull, Warthog tusks etc)
- Ultimate Jacuzzi room for 2 people with massage on request.

- Game drives by day, by night in our specially designed game viewing and tracking 4 WHEEL DRIVE LAND CRUISER guests can choose to visit Rhino sanctuary, grave of the famous lioness or Pipa the cheetah, to see swamps, Bisanadi reserve, meru national Park, Kora National park.
- Borana village: A tour of Borana village in the neighbouring Bisanadi reserve impart a sense of love for humankind and wildlife. A cultural trip and wholesome African tradition.
- Bird watching by naturalist
- Guided nature walk and Trekking along the river to the Hippo pool
- Magical Sundowner
- Bush breakfast very close to the animals
- Fishing with professionals
- Camel walk at the Borana village
- Safari at Tana river with lunch to Adamson's falls
- Borana dances by night


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